February 4, 2016

To succeed through the Residential Drug Abuse Program it is essential to understance and embrace the core attitudes. For some quick learning, I post the attitudes below. If you would like a copy of our free updated course on RDAP, simply text the word SOCRATES to 44222.

  • HONESTY: Is the foundation of change. Being truthful. Areas that you refuse to be honest in will likely result in your future relapse.
  • HUMILITY: Knowing that you do not rule the world. Being humble and not self-centered. Humility helps you understand that your actions are based on what is right and wrong, not what you can and cannot get away with.
  • OBJECTIVITY: Not being biased or taking sides. You will learn to focus on others and not just yourself, learning to be unselfish.
  • GRATITUDE: Grateful for the opportunity to change. Learn to be grateful for the opportunity to change and toward the people who are willing to help you.
  • CARING: Support for those around me. Caring helps provide support for yourself and those around you.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Being responsible for your own actions. The ability to focus on your contribution to a problem rather than looking for someone or something else to blame.
  • OPEN-MINDEDNESS: Willing to try something new: Accepting feedback about your behavior and different way of doing things. Being open to trying new ways.
  • WILLINGNESS: Daily effort. Willing to go to any lengths for your recovery.