CorrLinks is a privately owned company that operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, the email system used by the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow prisoners to communicate with the outside world. CorrLinks is a subsidiary of Advanced Technologies Group.

TRULINCS (email) is a fee-based system that prisoners must pay to send or receive emails. Unlike Google or Yahoo mail, the CorrLinks service provides direct email access to federal prisoners.

Prisoners must pay $0.05 per minute for use of the system, and printing costs $0.15 cents per page. Some of our clients at White Collar Advice spend as much as $500 a month on email. Running a business or writing a book from federal prison takes time and money!

Unfortunately, not all federal inmates have CorrLinks access. Some prisoners may be barred from using the service if their particular crimes involved the use of a computer in any manner. In time, a prison administrator may override that policy, but it may take months or years.

The probation report (PSR) will set the stage for getting approved or denied access to email.

Emails are limited to 13,000 characters and no attachments are allowed

The content of the email may not “jeopardize the public or the safety, security, or orderly operation of the correctional facility”.

TRULINCS has been available at federal prison facilities since 2009, just after I was released from federal prison.

Earlier today a client and friend sent me an invitation to communicate through CorrLinks. As soon I received the invite, I decided to film the process to help people who would someday receive the same message I did (with a different prisoner’s name, of course).

Using email in prison is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected, grow a business and prove to your network how you are making good use of your time.

There are pitfalls as well to email and it is not uncommon for people to abuse the system and get into trouble–I will leave that for another video.

For now, I hope you find value in this short video describing what it will look like when family members or friends receive an invitation from their contact in federal prison.

Justin Paperny

P.S. Make sure and download the CorrLinks app. It is $6 dollars a year in the app store.