Covid-19 in the Bureau of Prisons: Questions and Answers from Federal Prison

Family members of people in prison have questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. How is the Bureau of Prisons responding to the needs of their loved ones?

We’re creating a series of videos that will help people get a better understanding of how our team would be responding to the pandemic. People serving lengthy sentences inside the federal prison system have unique challenges. They do not know whether people in the community are listening to them. They may hear one message coming from the federal Bureau of Prison administrators. Yet that messaging may not be consistent with what they’re seeing or experiencing.

How should they respond?

There is no “right” answer to that question. In this video, the first of a playlist we’re creating for Covid-19, we’ll share questions that we received from a federal prison consulting client who is serving a 36-month sentence at the Federal Prison Camp in Dublin. She asked a few questions and she revealed what she has been experiencing. This video reveals the questions. We’ll film a series of shorter videos where we reveal the answers.

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