Yesterday our team led a 90-minute webinar covering the US Sentencing Guideline Amendment. This amendment proposes a two point reduction for this category of people who have a zero point criminal history. The amendment shall be retroactive and is expected to be passed November 2023.

To watch the webinar, click here.

Our webinar covers:

  1. Specific criteria to determine eligibility to get a reduced sentence (5 critical points)
  2. Disqualifying offenses listed under 4A1.2 of the sentencing guidelines.
  3. Discussion of point values.
  4. Impact of the amendment for zero point offenders
  5. Why some people eligible under the law will not get the reduction
  6. How many prisoners will benefit.
  7. Questions and answers from more than 100 people in our community who joined our live webinar.

Odds are your questions will be answered by watching this webinar.

Click here to watch