In today’s video, I analyze the new updates in Sam Bankman-Fried’s case, highlighting his missed chances for mitigation that could influence his ultimate federal prison sentence.

Our team at White Collar Advice assists others involved with FTX, though Bankman-Fried isn’t one of our clients.

Bankman-Fried seems to be repeating history, relying heavily on his legal team instead of mitigating. This approach could lead to a harsher sentence, much like others before him. Understanding federal sentencing is complex. Bankman-Fried’s lawyers suggest a 63 to 78-month term. In reality, I’ll explain what this could mean, factoring in the First Step Act and good behavior. His defense strategy leans on his attorneys’ arguments and experts’ reports, sidelining proactive efforts that could show his character and remorse‚ÄĒpotentially crucial for leniency.

I urge Bankman-Fried and anyone in a similar situation to mitigate. True change and resilience come from within, not through your defense team’s efforts.

Thank you for watching.

Justin Paperny