In this video with Dr. Phil, I discuss how to reduce a federal prison sentence. As a reminder, I spent 18 months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit securities fraud, and since my surrender to federal prison, I have dedicated my career to helping others navigate the criminal justice system.

Dr. Phil and I start by emphasizing the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s actions and showing genuine remorse. Judges are often more lenient towards defendants who demonstrate sincere contrition and plan a path to make things right with their victims. Further, we discuss that defendants must take the lead in mitigation–not the defense attorney.

We discuss the significance of one’s pre-sentencing report (PSR), prepared by the probation office. The PSR contains information about the defendant’s criminal history, personal background, and other factors that may impact their sentence. I advise defendants to be proactive in providing information for their PSR and to make sure that any inaccuracies are corrected.

Overall, we emphasize the importance of taking responsibility, being proactive in preparing for sentencing, and recognizing that Judges may discount what paid advocates are paid to say.

Justin Paperny