When I surrendered to federal prison I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Things that seemed normal in society, it turns out, are completely frowned upon in federal prison.

Worse, not only are doing things that seemed normal frowned upon, they can lead to massive consequences, like going to SHU (special housing unit aka the hole), losing good time credits, your preferred bunk assignment and more!

In this video, I cover 14 (I am sure they were many, many more) really dumb things I did during my 368 day journey through federal prison.

Some of the dumb things include engaging in the federal prison hustle too quickly, complaining about the length of my federal prison sentence, talking too loudly on the phone and more.

It is hard to do really GREAT things in federal prison if you are getting into trouble. Re building your brand, or career, is harder if you adjust in ways that brings you un necessary attention from prison staff and prisoners. I learned these lessons the hard way. I want you to do better. I want you to avoid problems. I want to you to thrive!! This video, 14 REALLY DUMB Things I did in FEDERAL PRISON, will help you.


Justin Paperny

P.S. Make sure and watch to the end. I cover new books I am currently reading.