In this live video, I discuss the recent New York Times article about Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, who will eventually surrender to Bryan Federal Prison Camp for 11.25 years. The article suggests that Holmes has adopted a new persona, distancing herself from her past image associated with the black turtlenecks and her deep voice. Instead, she’s presenting herself as a devoted mother who appears freer and happier than ever.

There are many tragic things in this article. More tragic is what is left out: the victims. Holmes never addresses the victims and fails to understand how her new persona only furthers the narrative put out by the media.

Liz Holmes should only speak to the media if she has the right message. Instead of making the conversation about herself, blaming others, and her happiness, she should develop a plan that describes how she will use her time in prison productively. This includes mentoring women and finding ways to repay her victims, not just her lawyers. Holmes needs to understand that by taking ownership of her actions and making amends, she can work towards rebuilding her reputation and credibility. Until she does that, she should avoid the media.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny