I read an article this morning in Law360.com that both Republican and Democratic senators were pushing to expand compassionate release eligibility for older prisoners due to the pandemic. Certainly, I welcome any news that will help bring vulnerable, nonviolent prisoners home more quickly from federal prison.

This article correctly states that the Bureau of Prisons remains opposed to the majority of compassionate release requests. People had hoped the BOP would embrace The First Step Act that was passed in late 2018. Yet, insiders knew they would delay, stall and do their best to keep people in federal prison longer. It is just what they do!

The courts, I know, have been more willing to release federal prisoners early due to Covid-19.

What is the point of this short blog? Be proactive!!

I encourage all people in prison to be proactive and learn to properly advocate for themselves. It is great that legislation may pass, but do not be complacent and simply wait. I know many of the compassionate release requests that were granted by either the Bureau of Prisons or the courts only happened because the prisoners were proactive. Do not give up.

Do not sit back and wait for bureaucrats to get you home from prison earlier. Keep advocating and working to demonstrate why you or your loved one should be released from prison due to Covid-19.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny