One Day In Federal Prison Camp

Earlier today, I received a call from two doctors, both of whom are preparing to surrender to Miami Federal Prison Camp tomorrow. They are each facing a 41-month sentence in federal prison. During our conversation, they requested a detailed account of a typical day during my time in federal prison. They have watched several of our videos and have some goals they’d like to achieve; however, they were eager to understand the more granular, day-to-day, and even minute-to-minute details of federal prison life.

Believing that others could benefit from this insight, I decided to focus on April 24, 2009—a day from my own time in prison. This live video describes this specific day in detail, along with five key takeaways that should assist these doctors, as well as anyone else, preparing to serve time in federal prison.

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Justin Paperny

P.S. Here is the blog I wrote on April 24, 2009: