If you’ve been following the news, you know that our partner, Justin Paperny, has been doing amazing work!

Federal Defendants In College Scandal CaseEarlier this week, Washington Post reporter, Peter Holley, contacted our team. American readers wanted to learn more about how people prepared for prison. He was particularly interested in people like those individuals that have been ensnared in the college-admissions scandal. Although they’ve been accused of wrongdoing, and they faced serious charges, these were not people that have had to interact with criminal defense attorneys. Prior to this fiasco, they did not know or understand anything about mail fraud or wire fraud. The Washington Post took the lead in helping Americans understand next steps.

The story in the Washington Post has generated several million views. Further, it has led to coverage in other sources, including:

  • CNN stories
  • Inside Edition stories
  • Michael Smerconish news stories
  • CBS stories
  • ABC News Stories

We’re grateful to Justin for working so hard to help people get the message. The sooner a person starts preparing for best outcomes, the more likely they become at being able to influence a favorable outcome.

If you’d like to learn how you can begin taking steps to prepare for success, download our catalog and start taking steps today!

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