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I’m thrilled to introduce Alec Burlakoff to our team. Alec’s journey through the criminal justice system is both inspiring and enlightening. In this video, we discuss Alec’s experiences and the valuable lessons he learned during his government investigation, sentencing, and life after prison.

Alec Burlakoff: His Unexpected Journey into the Criminal Justice System:

Alec found himself entangled in a government investigation due to his role as the head of sales at a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, Insys. Eventually, he went from being a subject to becoming a target and was ultimately indicted on RICO conspiracy charges.

Facing the Unthinkable: From Denial to Action:

When Alec was first approached about possibly being involved in a government investigation, he couldn’t have imagined it in his wildest dreams. However, he quickly realized the gravity of the situation. He shares how taking immediate action, such as hiring an attorney and proactively seeking support, became essential in those early stages.

Understanding Collateral Consequences:

Alec sheds light on the often-overlooked collateral consequences of a government investigation. He discusses how his relationships with friends and colleagues changed drastically and why it became crucial for him to build a new support network that understood his situation.

Mitigation and Advocacy: Alec’s Proactive Approach:

Alec talks about his proactive approach to mitigation and advocacy while dealing with his case. He shares how he took an active role in his defense, even when it meant challenging his high-priced legal team to ensure his narrative was accurately represented to the court.

Sentencing and the Role of Character Reference Letters:

At his sentencing hearing, Alec faced the possibility of a lengthy prison term. He explains how he and his legal team strategically used character reference letters to present a comprehensive view of his character and experiences, ultimately leading to a more favorable outcome: he got sentenced to just 26 months in federal prison while the government was seeking more than five years.

Life Inside Federal Prison:

Alec provides a glimpse into his daily life during his 26-month sentence in a minimum-security federal prison camp. He discusses the importance of staying productive, memorializing his experiences, and maintaining a sense of purpose while incarcerated.

Life After Federal Prison: Transition and Realistic Expectations:

Transitioning from prison back to the outside world was a challenging experience for Alec. He shares how he adjusted to a different work environment and why setting realistic goals and expectations was crucial in rebuilding his life.

Alec’s Advice for Those Facing a Government Investigation:

Alec’s journey offers valuable insights for individuals navigating a government investigation. His key advice includes taking immediate action, understanding the perspective of the government, and actively working towards a positive outcome.

Alec story is a testament to the power of resilience, proactivity, and determination in the face of adversity. His experiences provide invaluable guidance for anyone going through a government investigation, sentencing, or the challenging journey of reintegration into society after serving time in prison. We thank Alec for sharing his story and insights, and we look forward to his continued contributions to our team at White Collar Advice.

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