With the right planning, anyone can master federal prison. That said, I know the goal is to avoid going at all.

Today’s video features a good friend and federal prison consulting client, Manny. Manny called me as soon as he left the courthouse. Instead of getting sentenced to two years in federal prison, he got sentenced to six months home confinement, followed by two years of federal probation.

In this video, you will hear exactly how and why Manny avoided federal prison.

If you are getting ready for sentencing, you can prepare, exactly as Manny prepared. Of course, there is no guarantee you get the same outcome. But that does not mean you cannot work just as hard, follow the same path.

In my experience as a mitigation expert and federal prison consultant, those that work hard to demonstrate what they have learned and demonstrate why they will never return to another courtroom, get better sentences.

Manny worked hard to create his personal narrative, gather compelling character reference letters and he worked with our team to create an authentic sentencing video. Further, he worked while his cased played out–often at jobs well below his skillset.

Our team is grateful to know Manny. His efforts to prepare through struggle are inspiring. One of the most important parts of the video, I think, comes when Manny discusses “Pain versus Regret”.

Even if Manny got sentenced to federal prison, he never would have regretted how hard he prepared for sentencing. He left it all on the table, as the cliche holds. I admire him and am ecstatic to know he will not be going to federal prison.

Justin Paperny