Wondering How To Find The Best Federal Prison?

Summary: This blog will share how White Collar Advice’s federal sentencing tool can help you surrender to the federal prison of your choosing and on a date that can help you serve up to six fewer days in federal prison.

Over the years I have received hundreds of calls from angry defendants who were upset that they did not get the federal prison of their choosing. In some cases, they thought they did everything right. At their sentencing:

  • they asked for a specific federal prison
  • they researched why they should ask for that specific federal prison
  • they researched what educational programs existed in that federal prison
  • they researched how close the federal prison was to their home
  • they accessed the visiting schedule in that prison
  • and more

“But, the Bureau of Prisons designated me to the wrong prison!”

Despite their homework they did not get the prison of their choosing.

Why? For starters, they did not use our sentencing calculator to pick the best federal prison.

Further, they did not pick a federal prison they were likely to get. Let me explain.

How To Find The Best Federal Prison

How To Find The Best Federal Prison

A number of defendants in New York, for example, will ask to be designated to Otisville Federal Prison Camp. Makes sense. Otisville is a good federal prison. Harvard is also a great University, but I assure you if administrators at Harvard saw my high school transcripts they would have shredded my application.

Just like most high school students will not get accepted into Harvard, most defendants will not get designated to Otisville, Hazeltine or other federal prison camps with very little or no space.

As of this writing Otisville has a population of 116 and a capacity of 120. For most of 2016, Otisville was 100% full. Same with federal prisons that include Hazeltine Federal Prison Camp and Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp.

LIES, LIES, LIES: Some prison consultants will guarantee they can get you the federal prison of your choosing. They’re lying.

Invest in data instead of lies. Our sentencing tool will help you:

  • Pick the best location to serve your time & get exact distance to each prison from your current zip code
  • Learn the current population for any BOP facility
  • Learn the current capacity for any BOP facility
  • Get immediate access to your release date
  • Get immediate access to your number of “good behavior days” & get immediate access to the date you’re eligible for home confinement

If you ask for the wrong prison, you are likely to get designated to a place you have no desire to go to.When you use our federal sentencing calculator you will have access to population and capacity for every federal prison in America. You will be able to choose the prison you are LIKELY to get, and you can then begin to do specific research on that facility.Equally as important, our federal prison sentencing tool will tell you the best day to surrender to federal prison. If you choose the correct surrender date you can serve up to 6 fewer days in prison—our calculator tells you the exact date you should surrender.

How To Find The Best Federal Prison

How To Find The Best Federal Prison

Maybe six days is not that big of deal to you…But let’s talk about some of the benefits of leaving prison early.

  • 6 fewer days you stand for count
  • 6 fewer days you have to visit the chow hall
  • 6 fewer days you have to call home from a prison telephone
  • 6 fewer days you have to deal with incompetent staff
  • 6 more days you will have with your family

Six days, to this former federal prisoner, is sort of a big deal.For those looking to get the prison and surrender date of their choosing, I would invest in our calculator. Check out the video below to see a demonstration.If after investing in the calculator you’re not happy, just send me an email. I will refund your money. Either way, you win.

If you have questions schedule a call here or call 818-424-2220.

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