Have the Feds targeted you?

Are they about to charge you with a white-collar crime?

My name is Justin. I founded White Collar Advice because I wanted to help people when they needed guidance the most.

Let me tell you my story. I was once a student athlete at USC. After earning my degree, I passed the necessary licensing exams and became a stock broker. During my tenure at various brokerage firms that included Bear Stearns and UBS, I brought in more than $200 million dollars in financial assets to manage.

Unfortunately, I made some bad decisions. I ignored signs that one of my clients violated security laws. By not responding appropriately, I put myself in the crosshairs of investigators and prosecutors. Bad decisions during the judicial process made my problems worse.

I’d never known anyone who had gone through the criminal justice system and I didn’t have anywhere to turn for advice. As a consequence of bad decisions, my judge sentenced me to serve a term in federal prison that was far worse than it could have been.

While inside, I made a decision to help others. That’s why I wrote Lessons From Prison. In Lessons From Prison, you’ll learn how and why I can help you prepare for the pre-sentence investigation, serve the lowest possible sentence, have the best possible experience, get out at the soonest possible time (early release from prison), have the highest level of liberty while on supervised release. I’ll even help you get off of supervised release early.

If you’d like to talk now, text or call me at (818) 424-2220. At White Collar Advice, our team can help you. Go get your free copy of Lessons From Prison now.