As someone who has navigated their way through a white-collar crime investigation, I can attest to the value of the adage Slow and Steady Wins the Race. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the long and confusing road ahead, but it’s crucial to embrace not just the beginning and end, but the hard work that must take place in between. To prove my point, review our timeline here.

In order to succeed in any endeavor, it’s important to take small, consistent steps toward your goal. You cannot run a mile without first running a block. Similarly, when it comes to a government or white-collar crime investigation, it’s important to approach the process with patience and perseverance. It may not be a fast process, but taking things slow and steady can help you avoid mistakes and make progress in a sustainable way.

The Tortoise and the Hare fable teaches us that it’s not always the fastest or most talented who succeed, but those who are patient, persistent, and remain obsessed and focused on their goals. Only by starting can we learn when to change course and pivot. But you must start and shake yourself out of the mistaken belief that waiting provides any tangible benefit.

So, if you’re currently facing a white-collar crime investigation, I encourage you to adopt a slow and steady mindset. Focus on the small steps you can take daily to move forward and don’t be discouraged by setbacks, delays, or the inevitable haters. By staying the course and working consistently towards your goals, you’ll be much more likely to succeed through each stage of The Mitigation Arc.

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Justin Paperny