I thought I would start the first full day of April with a valued packed prison consulting blog!

Through my prison consulting services I offer a lot of advice on how to create a proactive federal prison adjustment. In my first day in federal prison video, I suggest the first day and first week sets the tone for the whole prison experience. I believe that more than ever.

As I wrote in my truth about prison consultant blog, I am bothered by others who offer advice on how to survive prison. If surviving is your only goal, you are thinking too small. You will survive! The question is are you using your time wisely and making those that love and support you proud. If you need advice on that front, schedule your call here.

Prison Consulting Advice For Your Second Day In Federal Prison

Prison Consulting Advice For Your Second Day In Federal Prison

The first full day in prison, aka, your second day in prison, is as important as any other. It sets the tone. You will meet new people. They will be accessing you, judging you.

This blog will ensure you spend your second day in federal prison wisely and productively. So let’s get started with my 9 things you must do to master your second day in federal prison…

Prison Consulting Tip #1:Master Your Morning

To learn more, read this blog. In sum, on that first day I implore you to wake early. Yes, you might be exhausted. You might have slept poorly the night before. I know it is a knew experience and one that can feel overwhelming. Still, suck it up, wake early and spend some time alone to reflect, to think about what is important to you and what you hope to achieve that day.

Tip #2: Go To The Chow Hall Each Morning

Get in the habit of leveraging off the food in the chow hall. Plus eating a healthy breakfast each day is important. The more you can rely on eating what they have to offer in the chow hall the less you will worry about running out of your spending limit in the commissary.

Tip #3: Go Look For Work!

You are not obligated to spend your second day in federal prison talking to other prisoners. Sure, you may converse some and meet some nice people. But you have work to do! Let’s get going…Spend your second day in federal prison looking for a job that may interest you. Most new prisoners are not assigned a job for 10-21 days. Rather than wait to get assigned a prison job you may not like, go see what openings exist or where openings could come in the future. Be proactive! There is no guarantee it works, but why not try? Plus you will get a feel for the compound as you walk around looking for positions that interest you.

Tip #4: Do Not Miss Counts!

Some new prisoner forgets to return to the dorm for count. Get in the habit of knowing when the counts take place. Further, do not talk during the count, as others do. Stand still or sit quietly and read a book or something. But do not be one of those prisoners who annoys the guards.

Tip #5: Be Careful About The Friendships You Make In Federal Prison

To learn more, read the blog I wrote about understanding your tendencies. Are you a talker? Do you have a tough time saying no? Do you need friends? Are you a people pleaser? Are you dying to tell your story to anyone that will listen? Those things distract from creating a positive routine. Of course, you are going to form friendships in prison. Those friendships should happen organically, over time. That first full day in federal prison must be spent understanding your prior tendencies and ensuring they do not disrupt your positive experience.

Tip #6: Be Extra Nice When You Call Home

Imprisonment is harder on your family. They are worried about you. Every time the phone rings they hope it is you. Regardless of how you are feeling, be very nice when you call home. I know some of you reading this should not go be going to federal prison. I know the sentences we hand out in this country are far too long. But that does not change the responsibility you have to put your family first, all day, every day. Keep that in mind when you call home, I beg you!

Tip #7: Get Into Exercise Routine

Falling asleep those first days in federal prison can be tough. It is a new environment, after all. Spend your second day in federal prison forming an exercise routine. The harder you exercise the more exhausted you will be in the evening. That exhaustion will help you sleep through the noises, the smells, and the bright lights.

Tip #8: Look For Educational Opportunities

I frequently knock education programs in prison because I do not think the programs do enough to help prisoners form new habits. That said, some are okay. For example, I found value in Toastmasters at Taft Federal Prison Camp. Spend your second day in federal prison signing up for educational programs. Plus, administrators look favorably upon it.

Prison Consulting Tip #9: Get In The Habit Of Checking The Call Out List

Your name will be on the call out list your second day in federal prison. The call out list will tell you where you need to be. It is a bad idea to miss appointments with staff, the dentist, doctor and so on. Get in the daily habit of checking the call out list.

Justin Paperny