A number of our clients have been getting designated to Montgomery Federal Prison Camp. For all those heading to Montgomery Federal Prison, we want to help!

In this video, I interview my friend and client, Dr. Nate Schott. Nate served a 33 month sentence at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp.

Below are a handful of the topics Nate and I cover about Montgomery Federal Prison Camp.

52 seconds: What was your first day like at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp?
1:47: Why is surrendering to Montgomery different that other prison camps?
4:15 What did Nate bring to the prison and did he bring money?
4:59 What was Nate’s job in federal prison?
5:45 I offer a tip on how much money to send in the first month in federal prison (FRP – Financial Responsibility Program)
6:12 What was it like once Nate hit the compound?
6:44 How long did it take for Nate to get processed into federal prison?
8:02 What are we opposed to team sports in federal prison?
9:45 What was the atmosphere like for Nate that first day?
10:00 Why do we encourage people to document the first day in federal prison?
10:14 What does Montgomery Federal Prison Camp look like?
13:00 What are some of the educational programs at Montgomery Prison Camp
14:20 What is the living situation like at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp? (Open dorm, POD, Cubicle)
15:45 What were the bathrooms like?
18:00 What are some of the most common jobs at Montgomery Federal Prison?
19:28 What is the highest value in federal prison?
20:00 What was Nate’s routine so important?
20:30 What are some the recreational activities?
21:00 Are there weights at Montgomery?
23:21 Did Nate see iPhones and guys getting into trouble?
24:02 What happens when you get comfortable in federal prison?
26:18 Why was Nate able to get more time in the halfway house?
27:00 What advice does Nate have for new prisoners?
28:01 What are some of the educational programs at Montgomery, besides the Residential Drug Abuse Program?
30:38 Quick tip about jobs in prison.
32:55 Why you should not just wish for your prison term to be over.
33:38 How did Nate manage the family dynamic (he is married with four children)?

Nate and I hope you find value in our video.


Justin Paperny

P.S. Click here to schedule a call with our team. The sooner you act the better. Nate was expecting a sentence of 51-63 months. Our hard work lead to a sentence of just 33 months–he was home from federal prison in ten months.