March 9, 2020

For many years I have discussed how post offense conduct can help lead to a shorter or longer federal prison sentence.

In this video with Dr. Phil, I discuss many of the bad choices I made as a white collar defendant. In my first book, Lessons From Prison, I cover all of the bad choices and the accompanying fallout. If you have the time and interest, I encourage you to read the book.

In retrospect, it is easy to see why I made bad choices. At the time, however, I figured I could lie and fake my way through it. The truth is pain and struggle in life is inevitable. We all endure it. The salient point is how we choose to deal with that pain and suffering. Some handle it with dignity, strength. Others, as was the case with me, choose to pretend the pain will magically pass.

If you are a white collar defendant, watch this video with Dr. Phil. Then after you watch it, take the time to implement the lessons I share. Your family is counting on you to succeed and emerge from this experience better and stronger than when you entered.

Justin Paperny
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