My #1 TACTIC to Get a Shorter Federal Prison Camp Sentence

Last week, I filmed a video discussing the difference between a personal sentencing narrative and a sentencing memorandum.

In that video, I suggest getting the personal narrative into the probation report (PSR) can lead to a shorter federal prison sentence. Well, that statement led to some calls. People wanted to know how and why getting the sentencing narrative into the document was a good idea. That is the purpose of this video.

In this video, I share why–with help from a current case I am working on–why it is a great idea to get the narrative into the probation report. I also offer advice on what to do if your defense attorney is reluctant.

In this video, I reference another case study with our client, Branden Coluccio.

If you have questions about your personal narrative and how it can help you get a shorter federal prison camp sentence, reach out. You can schedule a call here or text/call me at 818-424-2220.

Justin Paperny

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