Release Plan Book Reports

Entering federal prison unprepared can be akin to stepping into a high-stakes game without knowing the rules. Even in a minimum-security camp, the environment is governed by unspoken codes and power structures fundamentally different from the outside world. Understanding these dynamics and adapting to succeed in federal prison is crucial. This understanding can make your time away more than just isolation or punishment; it can become an opportunity for growth.

In this context, some books can help you navigate the intricacies of prison life. One such book is “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. It’s intriguing because, despite being banned in federal prisons, it’s still widely available inside. This book has profoundly impacted my perspective, especially in understanding people’s tendencies and avoiding exploitation.

Let’s explore some of these laws and how they relate to surviving and thriving in prison:

  1. Never Outshine the Master: Recognizing and respecting the hierarchy is crucial in prison. Overstepping or challenging those in authority, whether prisoners or staff, can lead to problems. Balance competence with humility and deference to avoid posing a threat.
  2. Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends; Learn How to Use Enemies: Prison dynamics are fluid, and alliances can change. Be cautious about your friendships, and don’t underestimate the potential for your adversaries to become allies.
  3. Conceal Your Intentions: In federal prison, revealing too much about your plans can make you vulnerable to manipulation and setbacks. Guard your intentions, and don’t share more than necessary.
  4. Always Say Less Than Is Necessary: Words can be twisted and used against you in prison. Speaking less and listening more can help you maintain an element of mystery and protect yourself from manipulation.
  5. So Much Depends on Your Reputation; Guard It with Your Life: Reputation in prison can define how you’re treated. Strive to have a positive reputation by being respectful, responsible, and avoiding problems.
  6. Court Attention at All Costs: Striking a balance between being inconspicuous and maintaining a presence that commands respect is crucial. Use your routines and actions wisely to gain attention without overdoing it.
  7. Get Others to Do the Work for You, but Always Take the Credit: In prison, forming strategic alliances and leveraging others’ strengths can enhance your standing. However, use this power wisely, and don’t take advantage of people.
  8. Make Other People Come to You; Use Bait If Necessary: Being someone others seek out for advice or support can improve your standing. Cultivate valuable skills or knowledge but avoid being perceived as manipulative.
  9. Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument: Actions carry more weight than words in prison. Demonstrating reliability and respect through your behavior can build a solid reputation and avoid conflicts.
  10. Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky: Surrounding yourself with negative influences can bring you down in prison. Seek positive influences and friendships that align with your values.

Understanding and applying these principles can help you navigate the complexities of federal prison life and emerge stronger and wiser. While “The 48 Laws of Power” may be banned inside, reading it before entering prison can provide valuable insights and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Remember, your time behind bars can be an opportunity for personal growth and transformation if you approach it with the right mindset and strategies. Make the most of it and focus on your journey toward successfully reintegrating into society.

Justin Paperny

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