Since my release from federal prison in May 2009, I have heard a lot of crazy things!

In this video, I share one crazy, bad, awful, terrible thing a defense attorney told a white collar defendant who was indicted for mail fraud.

Specifically, this federal defendant was told that it was “way too early to begin preparing for sentencing and all of the collateral consequence that accompany a white collar crime conviction.”

With some minor edits, I go through the specific interactions with this defendant (he is not a consulting client of White Collar Advice). I also share specific details on WHY it is not TOO early to begin preparing for sentencing, federal prison and life after federal prison.

I feel the need to reiterate I am not indicting all lawyers. Even in this case, I have no doubt this defense attorney has good intentions. I just do not buy into the premise that it is too early too prepare.

For example, the Masters starts today. Do you think my pick, Tony Finau, starting preparing for Augusta last week or last month? No! Every day he is working, hitting that high draw to reach 15 in two!

Those that succeed, work. Those that get shorter federal prison terms invest the time each day to prepare.

Whether we help you or not, do not delay. There is too much at stake.

Justin Paperny

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