Personal Letter To Sentencing Judge (Faults and Fixes)

The reality is a lot of people get sentenced to prison for sentences that are much too long. Then once people are in federal prison they do not know how to successfully lobby for their early release from prison.

We want to help!

As our team has expressed throughout the years, the personal narrative is a key step to obtaining the shortest possible prison sentence. The right personal narrative can also help persuade a case manager in prison to grant you more halfway house time. Additionally, your updated narrative (watch video to get more details on what I mean by updating) can influence your probation officer to grant your more liberty on federal probation.

You need the right content at the right time!

Our new video will help ensure you avoid flaws we see everyday in the personal letters we review. We also offer fixes and additional tips on how to get the best outcome at sentencing and beyond.

Again, the video goes into much greater detail, but below are the bullet points I address in the video:

Faults in Personal Letter:

Faults: Do not focus on victim
Faults: Focuses on all the great things you do: cooperation, charity work, paying back money.
Faults: Does not share a vision moving forward
Faults: Wrote that it wasn’t your fault
Faults: That you should not be going to prison

Fixes to Personal Letter:

1. Show an understanding and an appreciation for the victim’s pain, suffering, or loss.
2. Show influences that led you to become involved in the instant offense.
3. Show what you have learned from the experience.
4. Show what steps you have taken to reconcile with society, the victims, and your community to make things right.
5. Articulate a coherent plan in your personal letter that shows why you will never break the law again.

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Justin Paperny