When Rob Karmann signed his plea agreement he was expecting to receive a sentence of fifteen years in federal prison. Rather that sit back, do nothing and get the fifteen years in federal prison, Rob took action.

That action started with Rob googling, “how do I prepare for a sentencing hearing in federal court?”

After Rob hit enter, a treasure trove of content came up, including the free content our team produces at White Collar Advice.

After watching a number of our videos, including the videos with Judge Bough and Judge Bennett, Rob reached out to our team to learn how we could help him prepare for his sentencing hearing.

In our new video, you will hear the details of our first call. More importantly, Rob and I go through his powerful personal narrative that helped compel his sentencing Judge to give him a sentence that was no where close to the fifteen years he was expecting.

Rob and I hope you find value in our video.

Click here to watch: Personal Narrative Compels Federal Judge To Give Shorter Federal Prison Sentence

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P.S.S. Following his sentencing hearing, Rob took the time to write a review at Trust Pilot. Click here to read the review or read it below:

“WhiteCollarAdvice.com Gave Hope To My Family And Me

I began working with Justin Paperny and the WhiteCollarAdvice.com team at the end of 2020. I was already 2yrs into the “Federal Indictment Process” as my office was raided by the FBI December 2018 and I entered my plea agreement December 2019. By December 2020, I had already watched a number of videos and read several articles by Justin and his team. I had even obtained some of their free resources.

I was so impressed by the positivity and encouragement contained in these materials I scheduled a call with Justin. I can still vividly remember at the conclusion of that call my wife and I looked at each other with renewed enthusiasm and hope that we had not felt in quite some time.

Justin and Brad Rouse immediately began working with me to achieve the best possible outcome. Justin and Brad focused me and my energies on the day I will be released from prison and making sure I am able to succeed after this difficult time of my life. They continuously let me know that this is only a slice of my life and will not define what happens to me or my family. They were supportive and encouraging and also very very honest about what to expect through the process.

The WhiteCollarAdvice.com team assisted me in preparing a powerful personal narrative and genuine and specific character reference letters. The team helped me prepare for my probation interview and provided feedback to my Pre-Sentencing Report. I continued my employment and my volunteering activities and remained active in the community while supporting my wife and kids.

At my sentencing hearing I can assure you I received the best possible outcome as a result of the work I put in with Justin, Brad and the team. The judge was absolutely able to see me as an individual deserving of compassion and even referenced several comments from my personal narrative and my various character reference letters.

Upon telling Justin about my sentencing outcome . . . he instantly responded, “we must prepare you for early release”. I have less than 90 days before I surrender to the BOP and I expect to use much of my time working with WhiteCollarAdvice.com to ensure I am back home with my family as soon as possible.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor . . . work with Justin and his team and approach this process with enthusiasm and hope. You will not regret it.

Rob Karmann”