February 3, 2021

I am super excited to share this successful video case study with my friend and our client, Steve Hodge. Simply click here to watch the video or click the image below to learn how our personal sentencing narrative helped Steve get the best possible outcome at his sentencing hearing. Before you watch the video, please read the review Steve wrote about our team at White Collar Advice and Compliance Mitigation.

” I am pleased to write this review of Justin Paperny and his team at White Collar Advice and Compliance Mitigation. Justin and his team helped ensure I had a positive outcome at my sentencing—that sentencing ensured I avoid going to federal prison.

During these past, long, 3 1/2 years since I plead guilty to antitrust violations, I have spent numerous hours reading and watching content provided by Justin and his team at WhiteCollarAdvice.com. The key was not just looking at the information, but taking the time to work with Justin and his team to implement the advice.

There were so many lessons in there that helped me do the things necessary that brought me to the end result which ended up being home confinement & community service Vs the potential of one – two years in prison that I was expecting and fully believe the judge was prepared to hand down when the hearing started..

Especially helpful was the personal narrative that Justin and his team helped me write. Securing strong personal letters from family, colleagues and friends (just enough, but not too many) also helped. And finally, having a heart-felt personal statement that I gave during the sentencing hearing that focused on my crime, my remorse, and my desire to what I could to try and make amends Vs trying to place blame on others. The judge definitely stated that he believed what I was saying in that statement.

Again I would like to thank Justin and his team at White Collar Advice and Compliance Mitigation. Please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help support your great group in the future.

Steve Hodge”

Our team hopes you find value in this case study.

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Justin Paperny