Justin Paperny here, and I want to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with my good friend and terrific criminal defense attorney, Peter Hardin, for an insightful conversation. 

Peter Hardin


In our podcast, Peter Hardin and I discussed the journey that led him from military service to a successful career as a criminal defense attorney. His diverse background has significantly shaped his approach to defending clients and his unique perspective as a defense attorney. 

We explored the parallels between the discipline, commitment, courage, and character required in the military and criminal justice systems. Peter shared how these qualities are essential for individuals navigating a government investigation. 

Transitioning from his military service, Peter joined the US Attorney’s office, where he served as a federal prosecutor. This experience was a crucial chapter in his career, enhancing his understanding of the prosecution process and equipping him with valuable insights that now benefit his clients.

Peter emphasized the significance of having a background as a federal prosecutor when it comes to his current role as a defense attorney. Speaking the same legal language as federal prosecutors and fostering trust with counterparts, even when interests differ, are invaluable assets in advocating effectively for clients.

Peter urges defendants not to delay but to take immediate action when facing a sentencing hearing. Finding a responsive and dedicated defense attorney is paramount, as is developing a mitigation strategy early on. Peter stressed that procrastination can lead to missed opportunities for a better outcome, reinforcing the importance of taking early steps to build a robust defense or mitigation plan.

For the full details and insights, I encourage you to listen to our podcast

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Justin Paperny