Pre Sentence Interview: Questions the probation officer will ask the Assistant US Attorney:

  • Has the defendant cooperated with the government?
  • Has the defendant obstructed the investigation in any way?
  • Should we consider any aggravating or mitigating circumstances?
  • Does the defense contest any issues not identified in the plea agreement?
  • Do you know of any other jurisdictions that may be investigating the defendant?
  • Who is the victim in this case?
  • How can I contact the victim?
  • What is the amount of loss in this case?
  • What exposure to loss was possible in this case, even if there wasn’t any loss?
  • Was any of the loss recovered?
  • How much did the defendant profit from this offense?
  • How much did the defendant intend to profit from this offense?
  • Do you have any personal or business financial statements that the defendant provided?
  • What level of culpability would you say the defendant had in the offense?
  • How long was the defendant involved in this offense?
  • How and when did the government start its investigation of the defendant?
  • How did the defendant respond at the time of arrest?
  • How has the defendant adjusted during pretrial supervision?
  • Has the defendant made efforts to repay the victims or make restitution?
  • Has the defendant engaged in any programs that the court would want to know about?
  • What do we know about the defendant’s criminal history?
  • What do we know about the defendant’s history of bail jumping?
  • Does any documentation exist about the defendant’s involvement in domestic violence?
  • Does any documentation exist to suggest sexual misconduct?
  • What allegations exist about the defendant’s use of weapons?
  • Does the defendant have any ties to gangs or organized crime?
  • Do we know of any threats the defendant has made against government officials?

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Justin Paperny