“As part of our BOP leadership webinar series, we spoke with Jon Gustin, a former leader of the Bureau of Prisons halfway houses and reentry program.

During this interview I ask Jon the following questions (amongst others):

“Why is the release plan so important”

“Why should a defendant have a pre sentence plan?”

“How long does one stay in a halfway house? Can you have a phone and car ?”

“What if your post-release plans include RETIREMENT? No job needed, so also zero chance of recidivism. Is that frowned upon? Is that even allowed?”

“Can family members all ahead to a halfway house to check availability?”

“Just to clarify – do you HAVE to go to a halfway house FIRST before home confinement? Or have there been instances where you can go straight to home confinement and SKIP the halfway house?”

“When are you assigned your Probation Officer?”

“Are you still under the purview of the BOP on home confinement? Are there administrative remedies on home confinement? is Medicare reinstated on home confinement?”

“Have you heard any news or updates on why the release dates on BOP website are not changing. 1/10/2023 was supposed to be the last date for them to given every one their FSA credits and it’s still not applied. Please let me know if you have any new updates regarding this.”

“If I am released to home confinement pursuant to CARES, will I be under the authority of the BOP or Probation while at home?”

“Would I serve the entire remainder of my sentence on HC or can I further reduce with ETC?”

“If I’m released on CARES, will I go to halfway house or directly home?”

I”f discretionary, what can I do to improve my chances of avoiding RRC?”

If RRC required and my business is run out of a home office, what do the logistics of that scenario look like?

“If I am allowed to run my business, must I be a W2 employee of the business?”

“Does time in the SHU also affect “good time” and “earned credits”?