I interviewed my friend and client, Ron Throgmartin, who shared how he went from being a successful cattle businessman to serving at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp for wire fraud.

In our video, Ron talked about his troubled upbringing, overcoming adversity, and how he eventually rose to become CEO. Ron also spoke about how his business started to struggle, and he made some questionable decisions to keep it afloat. Ultimately, he was caught by the authorities, went to trial, was convicted, and sentenced to federal prison.

Ron encouraged others to learn from his mistakes and to prioritize ethical business practices. He also stressed the power of self-advocacy. For example, the government asked for a 14-year federal prison sentence. Ron’s advocacy compelled the Judge to sentence him to six years.

Ron’s story is a powerful reminder of the dangers of unethical business practices and the importance of honesty and transparency in business dealings. His experience serves as a cautionary tale for other business owners, highlighting the potential consequences of fraudulent behavior.

I want to thank Ron for speaking so openly during our interview and consistently contributing to our community and weekly webinar. Additionally, I thank Ron for welcoming new clients who surrender to Montgomery Federal Prison Camp and being a positive role model for those going through similar experiences.

Justin Paperny