If you want a shorter federal prison sentence, consider creating a sentencing mitigation package. With a sentencing mitigation package, you will demonstrate to your judge—in your own words—why you’re worthy of mercy.

Sentencing judges tell our team that they want to know more about the people coming before them. We can help prepare you.

Sentencing a person is, arguably, one of the toughest jobs judges face. Judges know what the government says, and they know what defense attorneys says.

With sentence mitigation, you can help your sentencing judge hear from you directly.

A well planned sentencing mitigation plans gives your judge a better understanding of your true character.

How can effective sentencing mitigation lead to a shorter prison sentence?

Again, sentence mitigation has an audience of one in mind: your sentencing judge. Begin with your judge’s perspective.

1. What can you create to ensure your judge sees you as a human being rather than a defendant?
2. Your Judge will want to know how identify with victims.
3. Your Judge will want to know the influences that led you into this crime.
4. Your judge will want to know what you learned from the experience.
5. Your judge will want to know what steps you’re taking to reconcile with society.
6. Your judge will want to know you are remorseful.
7. Your judge will want to how you have contributed to the lives of others

Are you ready to show your judge why you’re worthy of mercy? Then get started today on creating your sentence-mitigation package.

If that makes sense to you, and if you would like our help, visit White Collar Advice to schedule a call to get started. You can also call or text me directly at 818-424-2220. Our team of sentence-mitigation experts stand ready to help you prepare for the best possible outcome at sentencing.

Justin Paperny