Sheridan Federal Prison Camp

Over the last three years, I’ve had at least 10 clients go to Sheridan Federal Prison Camp.

My clients go to Sheridan for a number of reasons. One of those reasons includes participating in the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Prisons closed the Residential Drug Abuse Program at the Federal Prison Camp at Lompoc. As I write this, there is no federal prison camp in California that has the our RDAP program. A lot of defendants and lawyers continue to mistakenly believe that Lompoc has the program.

With proper planning, and assuming the defendant has a history of substance-abuse or alcohol use, Sheridan Federal Prison Camp would be a very likely option for any federal defendant serving time on the West Coast. Also, some clients of mine on the West Coast also got to Florence Federal Prison Camp in Colorado and some have gone as far as Yankton Federal Prison Camp in South Dakota.

A couple of days ago I interviewed my good friend and client Jonathan Schwartz. Jon is about to surrender to Sheridan Federal Prison Camp.

Jonathan I have worked together for many months. I met Jonathan through a former client.

Every known again I’m asked why some clients are willing to film videos with me. After all, a felony conviction is embarrassing and most people presume that those who have a conviction should run and live in the shadows.

Of course, I wholeheartedly disagree with the premise that those with a felony fraud conviction should run. We are humans after all and we make mistakes. We can all become better than bad decisions. Some clients, not all, but some choose to share their story to help others and give back. It is also cathartic to speak openly and honestly about your crimes.

Jon has positioned himself to have a productive experience while inside Sheridan Federal Prison Camp. Thankfully, I have several clients waiting to welcome him and support him upon his surrender. He also has a wonderful and loving family who will be alongside him the whole way. They will also hold him accountable to make sure he pursues the goals he has so clearly laid out.

Sheridan Federal Prison Camp will provide a number of opportunities for Jonathan to thrive.

Then again, regardless of where the prisoner goes, it is incumbent upon the prisoner to create a proactive plan. I have no doubt Jon will create that plan. In fact, we have already created it, as his endorsement shows.

I say this because unfortunately some prisoners don’t get the federal prison of their choice. Part of that comes down to bad luck but also poor planning. For example, many defendants ask Lompoc thinking they will participate in the drug program, and it does not even exist there anymore.

I have nothing but good things to say about Sheridan Federal Prison Camp. The living conditions, the environment, the educational programs and more provide an excellent opportunity for any federal prisoner to recalibrate and prepare for their release. I’ve no doubt Jonathan will thrive through his time in prison. It was my privilege to guide him as his friend and federal prison consultant.

I hope you find value in our video.

Justin Paperny

P.S. Jon got started with me by scheduling a call. You can do the same here.

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Justin Paperny