This morning I woke to a text message that read, “do all federal prisoners go to the halfway house?

The short answer is no. Some federal prisoners are eligible and choose not to go. Some that may want to go are ineligible.

Eligibility for Halfway House:

Some inmates will not qualify because of the nature of their offense. For example, inmates with violent criminal histories, ties to organized crime, or sex offenders may not be allowed to transfer to a halfway house. Case Managers may also refuse to consider inmates if they:

  • Received numerous disciplinary infractions,
  • Did not participate successfully in the financial responsibility program (FRP),
  • Did not participate in a sufficient number of other BOP programs,
  • Have outstanding criminal charges against them
  • Face deportation from the United States.

If an inmate doesn’t fall into one of the above-mentioned categories, the Case Manager will likely transfer the inmate to a halfway house at the end of the sentence—provided that the inmate wants to transfer. As I wrote above, not all inmates want to transfer for the final portion of the sentence. As unlikely as it may seem, some inmates prefer to conclude their entire portion of confinement inside of a federal prison.

Do All Federal Prisoners Go To The Halfway House?

Do All Federal Prisoners Go To The Halfway House?

Why Do Some Federal Prisoners Turn Down The Halfway House?

• Prisoners in minimum-security camps sometimes say that they don’t want to transfer because they don’t want to live in close proximity with inmates who transferred from higher-security prisons.

• Inmates may not want to transfer because they have grown comfortable in their current surroundings and do not want to endure another difficult or disruptive transition.

• Prisoners may not want to transfer to because they do not want to have to contend with all of the new rules that the halfway house will impose.

• Some inmates believe that living in a halfway house is too expensive.

Although each individual must make up his own mind on whether a halfway house will serve his interests, at White Collar Advice, we encourage individuals to leave federal prison at the soonest possible time.

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P.S. Your experience in the halfway house will be easier if you have the RIGHT job lined up the day of your surrender. If you have questions over what type of job will or will not be approved schedule a call here.