If you have been sentenced to federal prison, our team at White Collar Advice and Prison Professors urges you to prepare.

In this new video, I speak with Sam Mangel. Sam (We’ve terminated Sam Mangel in December 2022 for his misrepresentations) and I discuss:

  1. First Step Act and Earned Time Credits
  2. Disciplinary infractions
  3. RDAP (residential drug abuse program)
  4. Subject Matter Experts
  5. Post Sentencing Program

Click here to watch: Federal Prison/First Step Act

Michael Santos, through Prison Professors’ non-profit, has interviewed many subject matter experts.

US Federal Probation:

During this 1-hour interview, we speak with Chris Maloney, a former chief of US Probation. The link to our page offers timestamps of the video, with all the questions we ask.

Federal Bureau of Prisons:

During this 45-minute interview, we speak with Hugh Hurwitz, a retired director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Hugh speaks with us about the First Step Act, which is the most significant piece of legislation in an entire generation.

Federal District Court Judge:

We interviewed US District Court Judge Mark Bennett, asking questions about preparing before sentencing. The judge offered guidance that would help any person who anticipates the possibility of a sentencing hearing.

Federal District Court Judge:

We interviewed US District Court Judge Stephen Bough to get more information that would help people before sentencing. Learn how to create mitigation strategies before being sentenced, and how to help your attorney argue for a better outcome at sentencing.

Halfway Houses and Home Confinement:

We interviewed Jon Gustin as part of our leadership series with the Bureau of Prisons. Jon retired as Administrator of the Residential Reentry Management Branch, overseeing all halfway houses and home confinement programs across the country.

Retired BOP Warden Scott Finley:

To help justice-impacted people learn more about how to prepare for the journey through prison, we interviewed a retired warden from the Bureau of Prisons. Scott Finley built a career over three decades with the BOP. He discusses the importance of self-advocacy.

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To learn more about our post-sentencing program, call Sam at 949-878-2127.

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