April 6, 2016

It will be 8 years this month since I surrendered to federal prison. I understand the stress, the unknown that comes with this process. For that reason, I aim to teach and help others better prepare for each stage of the journey. I also wish to share the stories of others. Sometimes realizing that others are going through a similar situation can provide a sense of comfort. To that end, I interviewed, Shad Huston, a white collar defendant who just surrendered to Yankton Federal Prison Camp. If you have interest in hearing Shad explain what was on his mind hours before his surrender, simply click the following link:

Click Here: Hours Before Surrendering To Federal Prison…What Will You Be Thinking?



P.S. Due to over capacity I am planning to close my Blueprint training program soon. If you have interest in learning more, I would take action. Once we close, we close until 2017.