The Attorney General Directs BOP to Transfer People to Home Confinement

Our team is closely monitoring the way that the Department of Justice is responding with regard to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

While people in society can self-isolate, people in prison cannot. Further, the CDC has recommended that all Americans wear masks. Yet people in prison cannot wear masks. Since many health experts argue that the virus may linger in the air, people in prison are particularly vulnerable.

Every staff member interacts with others in the community. Although staff members in federal prison may not show symptoms of carrying the virus, they may unknowingly carry the virus into the prison environment.

People in prison cannot protect themselves. If staff members are bringing the virus into federal prisons, and policies prevent people in prison from being able to protect themselves, judges may find Constitutional violations.

As such, the time is now for every person in federal prison to begin an advocacy campaign that may lead to a transition to home confinement.

The situation is so serious that the Attorney General released a Memorandum that directs the Bureau of Prisons to transfer all appropriate people from prison to home confinement if those people are confined inside the federal prisons in Danbury, Elkton, or Oakdale.

Your loved may not be confined in those institutions. That does not mean your loved one is not entitled to the same type of Constitutional protections as other people in federal prison. Please consider launching a campaign to show why your loved one is worthy of a transfer to home confinement. The sooner you start, the better.

More than 170,000 people are in federal prison. As family members know, staff members are not so helpful to people in prison. Our team of advocates can get a campaign started now.

No one can guarantee that the Bureau of Prisons will transfer your loved one from prison to home confinement. All we know for certain is that the Bureau of Prisons will be slow to act unless a person in prison takes the appropriate steps.

If you want to discuss further, please contact our team today. As you can see from the memorandum we feature in the video, there is a real urgency to getting your process started now. Our process follows:

· We will interview you to get an idea of health complications
· We will incorporate data that you provide
· We will provide case law and cite health laws to show why your loved one qualifies for immediate transfer to home confinement.

Then, our team will provide you with the precise documents that your loved one can file to initiate the process of consideration for a transfer to home confinement.

Lastly, if you would a free copy of our latest book, Prepare, simply text the word PREPARE to 44222.

Justin Paperny

P.S. Click here to learn more about how to build your own advocacy campaign to get your loved one moved from prison to home confinement.