If you have a few minutes you may find value in this Think Advisor article the author calls, The Ex-UBS Broker Who Helps White-Collar Felons Prepare for Federal Prison.

I appreciated the author’s desire to cover subjects beyond just, “life in federal prison or how to get a reduced sentence.” Of course, if you are getting sentenced you should prepare to get a reduced sentence and if you are sentenced to federal prison you will need to prepare. That said, some of the hardest obstacles to overcome as a felon have nothing to do with sentencing or serving time in federal prison. Through our work at White Collar Advice and Prison Professors, we talk at length about preparing not just for sentencing and prison, but life after federal prison.

Some of the questions covered in this article include:

  • Have you any clients seeking your services because of pandemic-related issues?
  • Do you try to help many clients get a reduced sentence?
  • What’s the biggest mistake defendants make once they’ve been indicted?
  • What portion of your clients are women?
  • When defendants initially contact you, what is it that they often want you to do for them?
  • What advice do you give defendants about starting to rebuild while they’re incarcerated?
  • What else did you do to start over while you were inside?
  • What was the key to your transformation?
  • And more

Regardless of where you are in the journey, I think the answers to the questions from this article will help you. Perhaps it sparks an idea or reinforces the importance of preparing. Maybe it will get you thinking about life on the other side of this experience. With those thoughts in mind you can begin to prepare now, as opposed to too many who begin their preparations when they are released.

I hope you find value in the article which you can read here.

Thank you,

P.S. I reference this article in a video I call: #1 Lesson I Learned From Dr. Phil