Several months into my federal prison sentence I had my first major “aha” moment.

Up until that moment I had spent my days in federal prison doing nothing else besides exercising. I wasn’t giving any real thought to the life I was hoping to leave once I left federal prison. I mistakenly presumed everything would work out, and opportunities would open.

Then, I began to study my environment, and I recognized how many of my fellow prisoners were wrought with anxiety as their release dates approached. I knew I would endure that same anxiety and pain if I didn’t begin to prepare properly.

This “aha” moment originated because I was foolishly showing off my athletic accomplishments in front of my now business partner, Michael Santos.

From there, Michael began to ask some questions, including “how much will people pay you to run fast or do pull-ups?”

Then he said, “on a scale of one to 10, with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how effectively are you truly preparing for the obstacles that await you on the other side.”

That was my aha moment, and I pivoted. I do not want you to delay your sentencing or prison preparations.

Embrace your “aha” moment and take action!



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