If you have been convicted or pled guilty, it is time to learn about the next steps in the process, including federal sentencing hearings. Suffice to say, the more you know, (and take action on what you know), the better you can prepare.

The follow steps follow a guilty plea or conviction:

A Presentence Investigation (PSR): If you do not fully understand what takes place during a presentence investigation interview, then you’re vulnerable and in a weakened position. Sam Mangel and I discuss the consequences that follow when defendants are not prepared for this probation interview.

Federal Sentencing Hearings:

If you don’t understand how a sentencing hearing takes place, you’re (again) in a weakened position. Sam and I discuss how and why you must invest the time to influence your sentencing Judge.

Federal Prison Administrators:

When I was a federal defendant, I did not give much though to life in federal prison. I was too obsessed with sentencing.

The truth is the mitigation continues well past the sentencing hearing.

Your mitigation strategy should consider every person that will influence your life in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Those people will include:

o Administrators that will have discretion on you serve your federal prison sentence.
o Staff members that will have influence on your life in federal prison
o Case managers that will have influence on when you transition to either a halfway house or home confinement,
o Case managers that will have influence on your levels of liberty after you are released from federal prison.
o Probation officers that will have influence on whether you can travel, or where you can work upon release,
o A federal judge that will preside over whether you can qualify for early termination of Supervised Release,
o People in the business community that will have influence on the person’s access to capital and financial services,

Our new video will help you understand the importance of taking action (at every stage of the journey) and holding people you retain accountable.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny

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