The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp

When I was in federal prison I read hundreds of books. In fact, I filmed a video highlighting 12 books I think every federal prisoner should read. Reading provides an opportunity to escape the day to day routine of federal prison. More importantly, it gives the prisoner a chance to develop new skills and tools that will help them transition upon their release.

A very good friend and client is practically reading a book a week in federal prison. He is serving time at Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp. Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp, like other Bureau of Prison facilities, provides ample opportunity for introspection and growth. In fact, another client good friend and client Charlie Jones is thriving through his federal prison term at Bastrop Federal Prison Camp. Click here to read and subscribe to Charlie’s blog.

Whether a prisoner is at Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp, Bastrop Federal Prison Camp or my former home, Taft Federal Prison Camp, opportunities remain. I cannot stress that enough, even if I say it to the point of complete and ridiculous redundancy. My client who is at Three Rivers is thriving. Besides his weekly book report, he is connected with his family and engaged in education programming that is making his time both prodcutive and fulfilling. It gives me great pleasure to know my prison consulting services helped him get off to the best start. I cannot take too much credit, however.

I laid out the plan and my client choose to implement it. His book report is just one small task of many that demonstrate how he is thriving through Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp.

Without further ado, I am proud to share a book report written by a good friend. For privacy reasons, I will not share his name, but sufficed to say he is really serving time at Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp and he is a good friend and client!!


“The Will to Win-From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp: Book Report:

Written by Robert Herjavec
Book report prepared by Prison Consulting Client of Justin Paperny
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e Will To Win From Federal Prison

e Will To Win From Federal Prison

*Sacrifices always need to be made if you’ve set goals for yourself and intend to meet them. When you do meet the goal the satisfaction ALWAYS exceeds the sacrifice.

*In the long run, “good enough” is never good enough. You can ALWAYS do more. We don’t need to be perfectionists in everything we do but we must do all we are capable of every time.
I>applying our talent to the best of our abilities brings personal satisfaction that far exceeds the amount of money we earn from it.

*The Herjavec Group reached well over $100 million dollars in sales revenue annually within 8 years. By comparison it took Oracle 12 years and by year 12 Microsoft was only at $50 million.

*Success can be defined simply as “doing what you want to do”. Never underestimate the value of having fun!

*Thinking like a true entrepreneur means always looking for the best possible deal.

*There is no need to create urgency and pressure when all that is needed to win is to finish. (i.e. a marathon)

*Commitment prevails over technique and technique will eventually come to the committed.

*The more you avoid risk the less likely it is that you’ll achieve all that is possible within your own capabilities. Think of Kodak Film Company…they were once a behemoth in the camera and film industry. They not only owned the film, but they owned the patent on chemicals used to develop it, they owned the paper it was printed on, the ink used and just about every other step in the process. In 2012 they filed bankruptcy…why…because of digital photography and their unwillingness to accept and embrace the new technology. The tragic part of the story though is that Kodak actually invented this technology first…they just refused to make a shift and embrace the change. Then they died.

[Risks of doing something new]

I>fear of being wrong
I>doubts about goals significance
I>fear of social isolation- being branded a failure

[10 steps for doing something new]

1-assess the alternatives
2-measure the cost of missed opportunity
3-accept your status as a novice, but know you’ll be an expert after just one time
4-build a support network (or join an already existing one)
5-define worst case scenario…but don’t spend too much time doing it. Quick and dirty
6-check long-range view (in other words…what will things look like in 5-10 years if you DONT do this
7-look for dividend from failure (could you still learn a lesson even if you fail?)
8-reduce the downside (Stack the odds in your favor…leverage)
9-second guessing is for losers…you came this far…
10-take immediate and precise action

*Anyone who says something is impossible risks being interrupted by someone doing it.
think of Terry Fox…he ran a marathon every day, 7 days a week with no days off for almost 5 months…WITH ONE LEG! If you think you have it tough…just think of him..that is MOTIVATION!

*The route to success = 3 D’s Determination, Dedication, Drive

“Power is efficiency, not necessarily strength or endurance”- Georges St. Pierre (MMA fighter)

*One must train their “fast twitch” muscles so as to turn on the power as soon as it’s needed rather than mulling over the situation while the opportunity fades.

*Success starts with sacrifice.

The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp

The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp

*Before you create wealth you must first create value!

[6 Steps to business success]
1-build and maintain networks
2-remain customer centered
3-practice humble honesty
4-work on your strengths
5-remember Murphys law
6-know an opportunity when you see one and be able to exercise those “fast twitch” muscles to be able to capitalize on it while it still IS an opportunity.

*Learn to kick your own a**. Do you ever wake up believing that you face more problems than solutions or that you will encounter more failures than accomplishments? Or maybe you’ve simply lost your feeling of motivation or drive. *THE SECRET IS THIS* ***URGENCY*** Urgency is a great motivator. Thatis what kicking your own a** is all about..being able to summon motivation to get going even when the need doesn’t appear urgent…creating an internal sense of urgency.

[6 ingredients needed to reach success through excellence]
1-purpose- you must have a definite chief aim
2-endurance- aim and commit to excellence but know you wil never quite reach it, but you will obtain extraordinary results!
3-courage- when others claim something is “good enough” it takes courage to disagree. Also you need to be courageous in order to become visible when necessary (Stepping out of your comfort zone) and be prepared for conflict.
4-optimism- believing that the best is yet to come and that all of your goals are a sense..the best YOU is yet to come
5-passion0 doesn’t have to be flamboyant and certainly cannot be phony. Must be sincere and grounded in reality
6-joy- spreading joy attracts people to you. Being miserable drives people away.

*Mentally envision success in great detail..this is called “psycho-cybernetics”

[Some employee hiring tips from Robert]
I>some competitive sports background at some point in their lives is always a plus
I>small town outlook- when you come from a small town you have a much deeper appreciation for your reputation…it’s hard to hide in a small town. Also more likely to be more humble.
I>have life plans, goals, of any kind.
*One of the biggest challenges to growth and reaching goals becomes your employees, both current and future.

*Most habits become bad habits eventually- complacency is inevitable and so is change. It’s hard to break an old habit to support the necessary new functions that come along with the everchanging market.


*It is MGMT’s responsibility to ensure success indeed breeds success and not just inertia. -Think of when a sports team is on a winning streak and then plays an opponent which should be an easy victory but somehow loses the game. Simply put, the coach did not do his job.

*At a certain level the need to think becomes a priority over the need to act for a CEO


At the heart of all good salespeople are potential leaders who if they recognize and seize the opportunity can adapt their sales ability to leadership duties.
I>because the most important function of leaders is to inspire those around them.

[Skills managers should have]The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp
I>Positive feedback- a key job of a manager. Creates engaged employees who will in turn dispense positive feedback to others in the organization
I>No barriers against bad news- honest mistakes will be made. It’s the managers duty to correct them and take preventive measures. No one wants to hear or deliver bad news, but it’s the mgrs. job to deliver and staffs job to present it to mgmt.
If your not hearing about bad news in it’s early stage from staff it’s a sign of either A)lack of trust B)poor communication
I>Trust over apathy-develop and treasure an open exchange of ideas which will include resistance to ideas and goals presented by mgmt. Check your ego. This demonstrates presence of trust.
I>Cynicism is death- know the difference between positive resistance from an employee and cynicism.. Positive feedback/resistance is nurturing and brings a sense of unity. Cynicism is a bucket of cold water poured over every new idea.
I>Milestones on the road to a goal ARE A BIG DEAL!- never let the attainments of a goal, no matter how small or insignificant, become a “ho-hum” event. Celebrate accordingly.
I>Laughter is contagious- spontaneous laughter is an immediate measure of a loyal workforce that is committed and productive. Imagine how much productivity is lost/wasted when the mood is sullen and tense.
I>Always conduct yourself professionally in front of your employees, although this doesn’t mean be just means keeping 4 letter words out of your conversations and keeping the content of the discussion PG-13.

*Organizations DEPEND on the efficient flow of systems.

*Success ALWAYS involves risk.

The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp

The Will To Win From Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp

*Trust your intuition. Although it’s not infallible it should always be listened to.

-“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

[Managers and News]
I>Avoid delivering good news- choose a subordinate who contributed to the event and let them spread it. This bolsters their confidence, increases their trust and demonstrates to everyone else that you value and respect the contribution.
I>Always be the person to deliver bad news- even when it has nothing to do with you.

*PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS..ALWAYS! You can delegate the weaknesses.

I>Doing one thing great is much more powerful than doing 10 things with mediocrity. Also it’s usually enough to make people famous and very wealthy!
I>always deal from strength
I>strengths can be developed to an almost limitless extent, weaknesses can only be resolved to a fixed degree.
I>more encouraging for employees.

I hope you found this valuable!

Signed, White Collar Advice Client writing from Three Rivers Federal Prison Camp”