Forget it Justin, “people told me.” It wont work!

Those people were talking about my plans to write a book that would prepare defendants for life in federal prison.

Given all the mistakes I made before sentencing and federal prison, I knew they were wrong. I knew there was a market for this book. I also knew anyone could learn the skills and be taught to master each phase of the system.

I’m writing to blog to invite you to get the most relevant and most respected book for white collar defendants looking to prepare for sentencing and federal prison. Simply said, Lessons From Prison is not simply the best book of its kind to guide you—it’s the only book of its kind.

Prepare for Life in Federal Prison: A cliché holds “you get what you pay for.”

In this case, rather than money, I am asking you to pay with your time, your effort and your desire to become than some out of character decisions you might have made. It is a big effort to demonstrate how and why you are better than the government’s version of events. You must begin immediately.

Lessons From Prison will teach you how to prepare for sentencing. It will help you prepare for life in federal prison. It will help you live productively. When I was a defendant, I didn’t live productively. I ate like a glutton and smoked like a fiend. I lived like I was already in federal prison, except I wasn’t getting any credit for time served.

This will will teach you how to property explain your story in any situation, whether a pre sentence interview or job interview. If you are headed to federal prison, you’ll learn how to create a proactive prison routine your family we be proud of. And perhaps most importantly the book, with help from Aristotle and Plato will teach you how to find peace from within, all the while developing the skills and strategies it takes to overcome life as a convicted criminal.

John Dewey said, “a problem well defined is a problem half solved.”

Well, the truth is I was in such a stake of shock after I learned that I was under investigation I couldn’t even identify my problems—as I saw it I had hundreds of problems to overcome. Where was I to start?

I wrote this book to help you define your problems and take appropriate action. Read this book and you will be 50% of the way there.

Why am I so passionate about this? Look, the truth is I needed this after I learned I was under investigation for securities fraud. I was a broker at Bear Stearns and UBS, then made bad choices on behalf of a client who was running a hedge fund. I did not know where to go for advice. My ignorance during the judicial process made my problems worse. I’d never known anyone who had gone to prison—I was totally lost. As a consequence of bad planning, I received a longer prison sentence. While inside, I made a decision to help others. That’s why I wrote Lessons From Prison.

Look, If you are willing to do the things most defendants wont do, you’ll soon find out that you’ll be able to do the things that most defendants will never be able to do.

Why not get Lessons From Prison today? It’s a free gift from me to you. All you have to do is fill out the form the book will be emailed to you in minutes. And if you don’t mind, after you read the book, drop me a note at I would love to hear your thoughts.

Justin Paperny