Walking into Alderson Federal Prison Camp can kick off a rollercoaster of feelings. Recently, a nurse and now a client, called me, weighed down by worry over her two-year sentence at Alderson Federal Prison Camp for health care fraud. But it wasn’t just the federal prison time gnawing at her; it was the big question mark hanging over her life after federal prison. She’s not alone in this. A lot of folks find themselves pacing the floor at night, wondering what’s next after their time in prison.

Let’s talk about the U-shaped curve, a concept I chat about often and described in greater detail in Chapter 14 of Lessons From Prison.

Imagine this: you’re starting your sentence, and it feels like you’re taking a dive into unknown waters. That’s the descent. Alderson Federal Prison Camp throws a whole new world at you—new routines, the crowd you’re now part of, and a sharp tug on your sense of freedom.

Those first days in federal prison are tough.

You’re trying to find your footing in this new life, surrounded by walls and schedules, and everything feels upside down. But this time is crucial. It’s when you start laying down the tracks for the journey up and out of this curve.

Hitting the bottom of the U means you’re getting the hang of things. You’ve figured out how to navigate the day-to-day of federal prison, and now it’s time to start thinking seriously about what comes next—life after federal prison.

The climb up from the bottom of that U?

That’s when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Release is on the horizon, and it’s natural to start stressing about finding a job, a place to live, and getting back into the swing of things. But for those who’ve been proactive at Alderson Federal Prison Camp, working on themselves and their plans, this part of the journey feels more like gearing up for a new adventure than staring down a dark road.

I always say to folks like the nurse—and I’ll say it to anyone walking into federal prison—you’ve got to see your time there as more than just serving a sentence. It’s a golden opportunity to set yourself up for success on the outside. Every day is a chance to work towards a smoother transition into life after federal prison. Whether it’s taking courses, getting involved in programs, or learning new skills, make it count.

For those staring down a sentence in federal prison remember this: your path from inside those walls to getting back on your feet is paved with the plans you make and the work you put in now. Don’t let the days slip by. Use them to build the life you want to step back into.

And if you’re looking for more insights on making the most of your time in federal prison and setting yourself up for success afterward, check out Lessons From Prison. It’s packed with advice on navigating federal prison and laying the groundwork for a solid comeback.

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Justin Paperny