I understand a number of people online, including me, are covering the trial of Theranos Founder, Elizabeth Holmes.

Our team has insights that can only come from enduring a government investigation, including facing a federal sentencing hearing and time in federal prisons and federal prison camps all across the country.

Given our experience, we want to help others, including Elizabeth Holmes, better understand what happens following a guilty plea or conviction.

Some of these steps include:

1: Pre sentence report (PSR) – Beginning the investigation:

In federal prison, the pre-sentence investigation report will be the main document administrators will use to make assessments, especially at the start of the journey.

• Case managers will use the document to consider the severity of the offense;
• Counselors will use the document to determine who can visit the offender;
• Educational administrators will use the PSR to determine whether the prisoner is required to participate in programs;
• Psychologists will turn to the PSR to see whether the individual is eligible for beneficial programs; and
• Medical personnel will turn to the PSR to determine whether the prisoner merits medical attention

2: Personal narrative and character reference letters to augment the sentencing memorandum:

In our view, the narrative and letters will strive to accomplish the following:;
• It will help the judge see and understand Elizabeth Holmes as an individual
• It will help the judge grasp influences that led the Ms. Holmes (or any federal defendant) to the current situation
• It will help the judge see aspects of the defendant’s life that could not be conveyed by the defense attorney’s eloquence alone
• It will help the judge see the defendant in her own environment
• It will help the judge learn what other people in the community think about the defendant

3: Preparing for federal prison, including:

Step 1: Prepare to Document the Journey
Step 2: Establish a Primary Point of Contact
Step 3: Understand Financial Implications
Step 4: Create Deliberate Reading Lists
Step 5: Create Journaling and Writing Plan
Step 6: Prepare Personal Belongings
Step 7: Understand Medical Preparations
Step 8: Develop Personal Communication Plan
Step 9: Create Your Quadrant Guide for Decision Making
Step 10: Engineer Your Release Plan

4: Master life in federal prison, including staying connect with her network, avoiding disciplinary infractions, and pursuing programs that may led to her early release from federal prison. One specific program, The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), can take up to 12 months off a prisoners sentence–it is the only early release program that exists in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Our team hopes you find value in this video, What Happens IF Elizabeth Holmes Is CONVICTED? It will help any federal defendant traversing the criminal justice system.

Justin Paperny