Many times I have been asked, “What is it like to visit in prison?”

The answer depends on who you are asking. Are you asking the prisoner, family member, friend or guard? I suspect the guard would tell you it was no big deal. The prisoner might say the same thing–eventually federal prisoners get desensitized to life in federal prison. Friends are more curious than anything, I think. Without question the experience is most difficult on the family members.

I write this blog and post the video below with the perspective of what it is like to visit in prison from the perspective of a family member. Since I do not have a family member in federal prison, I reached out to a friend. Well, I should say he reached out to me. His name is Dr. Michael Brothers.

Dr. Brothers reached out to me because he wanted to help families better understand what they could expect when visiting in prison. He feels there is not information for families, and he has challenged me to produce more content. I am accepting that challenge.

I met Dr. Brothers after he reached out to me to help his parents. His father, Lou Brothers, is currently serving time at Ashland Federal Prison Camp in Kentucky.

From the beginning, I admired Dr. Michaels and his whole family. They are kind, courteous and thoughtful. More importantly as it relates to my career as a prison consultant, they invested the time to prepare for the best outcome. They took my advice and held their lawyer accountable. Lou did not just talk about preparing for prison–he invested the time to learn about the Residential Drug Abuse Program, disciplinary infractions, life in federal prison, educational opportunities on the inside and more.

What Is It Like To Visit In Prison?

What Is It Like To Visit In Prison?

For some background, Dr. Brothers and I filmed a video last year. We called it, Don’t Do This If The FBI Shows Up. The goal was to help white collar defendants under investigation understand how decisions they make early in the process. The feedback was positive from our video. Rather than just film videos about life in federal prison (which I know I do a lot of), we wanted to share important subjects that are not covered as frequently, but are just as important.

For that reason, this video on what is is like to visit in prison comes from the very important family perspective. If you have interest in learning more, I urge you to watch the video I filmed with Dr. Brothers.

Justin Paperny

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