Earlier today the team at Nicki Swift asked me the following questions:

“Todd Chrisley is set to serve 12 years in FPC Pensacola, a minimum-security prison located in Pensacola, Florida, and his wife Julie will be serving her seven-year sentence at medium security facility FCI Marianna SCP, which has a minimum security satellite campus. Based on your knowledge, which Chrisley might have a harder time adjusting to their respective facility?

– Todd, Julie, and the rest of the Chrisley family have been vocal about keeping their family together through their incarceration. How can families remain close in their situation?

– Switching gears a little, another celebrity who has been in headlines recently for their legal woes is “Real Housewives” star Jen Shah. It’s been reported that Jen may be serving time at the same facility as Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. Can you describe what meeting and socializing are like between inmates at a minimum security prison?

– In both the Chrisleys’ and Jen’s case, their reality TV careers have taken a hit as their sentences draw near. How, if at all, can incarcerated celebrities keep their stardom alive while serving prison time?”

I hope you find value in this video!

Thank you,
Justin Paperny