Many criminal defense attorneys do not like working with prison consultants. No less than 50 have told me as much over the years. I didn’t view their criticism as a slight against me. They didn’t know me. They simply had an impression or opinion of a typical “federal prison consultant.”

I must admit many of their concerns are valid, including consultants 1) trying to play lawyer, 2) engaging in scare tactics, 3) offering guarantees & 4) acting unethically/leveraging off defendants fear, vulnerabilities.

For clarity, I am not suggesting all lawyers are against working with consultants. In the video below, I proudly mention that I have working relationships with excellent lawyers that include Alan Eisner, Dmitry Gorin, David Rosenfield, Nicholas Kaizer, Joel Athey, Brad Patton and many more. I would refer clients to these lawyers in an instant.

I filmed this video last evening after speaking with a new client who hired me over the weekend. He was concerned and was unsure what to do because his lawyer freaked out when he heard he hired a consultant. If you have interest in learning more, simply watch the video to get the details.

Justin Paperny

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