Will The Coronavirus Lead to Shorter Federal Prison Sentences?

To begin, I hope you and your family are safe.

We have received hundreds of messages from defendants and clients all over the country. Many want to know what precautions the Federal Bureau of Prisons is taking to manage this global, once in a generation health crisis.

To get an idea, please see the message below from a client serving a sentence in a minimum security camp.

“As one would imagine the Coronavirus is a concern here at the camp. There is a small window of opportunity for it to infect the camp but if it does it’s going to be like a brush fire in July. There is quite a bit of concern especially among the elderly and those with respiratory issues. On the positive, this place has never been cleaner. Those in charge have instituted the following to combat the virus at the camp:
-Closed visitation for 30 days
-Closed indoor recreation
-Set up a road guard at the compound checking for apparent sickness
-Limiting weekly spend at the commissary
-All foods served by the serving staff in the chow hall
-Fourteen day quarantine for incoming and transfers frozen
In addition, there seems to be constant conversation related to the Presidents comments in reference to releasing nonviolent federal inmates. I would think that you are part of that conversation with the work you and Michael are involved in.”

As I get more information, I will share it via Youtube and on this site.

I have been asked repeatedly, “Will the coronavirus lead to shorter federal prison sentences, in part, because Judges do not want to send more people to federal prison? Especially older federal defendants and prisoners?”

The answer to this question, of course, depends on a number of factors. One of those factors includes how well defendants use the inevitable sentencing delay that will follow the slowing down of the federal courts.

White Collar Advice has had more than 10 federal prison consulting clients get their sentencing moved to later this year. Rather than use the delay to do nothing, it presents an opportunity to keep building a new track record that can influence the sentencing Judge.

I talk about preparing for sentencing and my other usual ramblings in this video.

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Again, stay safe and remain healthy.

Justin Paperny
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