You Don’t Have to Hire A Lawyer for Your Loved One to Transfer from Prison to Home Confinement

You don’t have to hire a lawyer to advocate for your loved one to transfer from federal prison to home confinement. What you need is a process. This new video shows the process that we used to begin building a library of content to help people advocate for themselves. We’ll continue to publish content to show precisely what we’ve learned and what we would do if we were in prison.

We encourage people to learn proper techniques for self-advocacy.

Step 1: Identify the specific goal that you’re trying achieve.
Step 2: Get the data to understand more about what resources exist to support your argument.
Step 3: Architect the strategy that will work best for you.
Step 4: Continue to search for resources that will keep you knowledgeable about the process.

We created the Covid-19 page to help people that have loved ones in prison. We want them to learn the strategies we would have used.

Transfer from Federal Prison to Home ConfinementMy partner, Michael Santos, was in prison for 26 years. During that time, he had to advocate for himself on numerous occasions. Fortunately, he had a strong family and team that also advocated on his behalf. As a result, he overcame many obstacles.

If you want your loved one to transfer from prison to home confinement, you’ve got to anticipate many obstacles. Learn how to build an advocacy campaign that will help you overcome the obstacles.

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