In this YouTube video, my friend and white-collar defense attorney, Benson Varghese, and I discuss the importance of early intervention in white-collar crime cases.

Benson Varghese:

We cover key points such as:

Choosing the Right White Collar Defense Attorney

Selecting an experienced attorney in your jurisdiction is crucial for your case’s outcome. Do your research and learn to ask good questions. The Sentencing Memorandum: Your involvement in its preparation is vital, as it will significantly influence how the judge views you and your case. Your sentencing memorandum is not the personal narrative you must produce for your probation officer and sentencing judge.

Effective Communication With Your White Collar Defense Attorney

Open and honest communication with your defense lawyer is essential. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and voice concerns. The more you share the better.

Restitution and Forfeiture:

Stay informed and get educated about potential restitution and forfeiture issues from the beginning to avoid surprises during plea negotiations.

Cooperation and Federal Sentence Reduction:

Understand the nuances of cooperating with the government and its impact on your federal prison sentence. Cooperating is not a one way ticket to probation.

The Significance of 3553 Factors:

Work closely with your attorney and mitigation team to build a compelling personal narrative highlighting favorable mitigating factors. The Pre-Sentence Report (PSR): Active participation in the PSR process is crucial if you want the shortest prison sentence possible.

Managing Expectations:

Maintain realistic expectations and seek clear explanations from your defense attorney about your case’s complexities and the mitigation strategies you plan to pursue. Navigating federal white-collar crime cases and federal sentencing can be a daunting, confusing journey. Still, with the right lawyer and mitigation plan, you can improve your chances of succeeding at every stage of the journey.

Whether you decide to contact Benson for legal counsel or my team at for mitigation services, taking proactive steps, as discussed in this video, can significantly impact the outcome of your federal case–and the rest of your life.

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Justin Paperny and Benson Varghese

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