I’m excited to share a 5-part series inspired by my journey with Aristotle’s teachings. While in federal prison, I started reading Aristotle at the urging of Michael Santos, my partner in White Collar Advice. This series teaches essential principles that can empower white-collar defendants to navigate their challenges successfully. I offer a summary of each podcast.

Podcast 1: “Embrace Daily Actions To Earn A Shorter Prison Sentence

We kick-start our first podcast with the realization that “Excellence is not an act but a habit.” I know firsthand the importance of daily actions for white-collar defendants seeking shorter federal prison sentences and a renewed sense of self-worth. As Aristotle wrote, we explored the significance of taking small steps daily, educating yourself about sentencing mitigation and engaging in challenging conversations with advocates you hire, including your lawyers.

Podcast 2: “Shaking the Status Quo”

In our second podcast, we address the importance of challenging the status quo. Inspired by Aristotle’s wisdom, we recognized that excellence requires embracing change and questioning conventional thinking (for example, conventional thinkers are against getting the personal narrative to a probation officer who will write a probation report). I shared my own experiences of breaking free from traditional approaches and encouraged you to step out of your comfort zones, embrace discomfort, and explore innovative paths in your government investigations.

Podcast 3: “The Power of Tough Conversations During Government Investigations”

Our third podcast highlighted the significance of tough conversations. Aristotle’s wisdom emphasized that excellence involves addressing uncomfortable truths through open and honest conversation. I shared how engaging in difficult conversations can be catalysts for getting closer to your desired goals (more liberty).

Podcast 4: “Learning About Each Phase of the System”

In the fourth podcast, we stressed the importance of knowledge and understanding each phase of a government investigation. Inspired by Aristotle, we seek knowledge throughout each stage of an investigation to learn how to influence our sentence and life after sentencing. I shared how educating yourself empowers you to make informed decisions and why seeking guidance from experts is a powerful strategy in navigating government investigations.

Podcast 5: “The Path of Diligence and Consistency”

In the final podcast, we focused on diligence and consistency, two principles I embraced in federal prison. Aristotle’s wisdom reminded us that excellence is not a one-time act but a daily habit ( Ethics in Motion is based on this concept. You can get the free book here). I shared how these principles were instrumental in my journey, and I extend my thanks to you for reading this blog series!

In summary, this profoundly personal 5-part series draws from my experiences and Aristotle’s wisdom to provide white-collar defendants like you with a comprehensive guide. We’ve emphasized the importance of daily actions, embracing change, having tough conversations, seeking knowledge, and maintaining diligence and consistency as key elements on your path to achieving shorter federal prison sentences, self-worth, and confidence.

Thank you for listening!

Justin Paperny