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Tom Finley
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Tom Finley grew up in small town Oklahoma in the 1950’s. In 1969, Tom enlisted in the United States Navy and served six years on nuclear submarines. He earned multiple advanced degrees to become a tax and banking lawyer. In the decades that followed, he enjoyed a stellar reputation for his meticulous, honorable legal work. Then, around 2018, he prepared an investor prospectus for a new company. This prospectus contained fraudulent information about the company’s owner. Tom took full responsibility for approving this misinformation and plead guilty to wire fraud.

Case Study:

“After watching my loved one nearly sink into the abyss of despair and depression in anticipation of his upcoming sentencing hearing, I witnessed White Collar Advice change the course of events of his legal struggle into a victory for our family–in one week,” reported Wendy Finley. When Tom reached out to Justin Paperny, only seven days remained before his sentencing hearing. Justin and Brad Rouse immediately started working with Tom to prepare his personal narrative.

Brad spoke with Tom over the weekend to gather necessary information.Tom shared details about his childhood, military service, career high points, and personal struggles. Justin and Brad collaborated to turn the interview notes into a draft document. Brad also helped Tom’s friend write an important character reference letter to the court. Simultaneously, Justin worked with Tom to compose an oral statement to the judge for allocution.

According to Wendy Finley, “This work did more than provide input to the judge absolutelycritical to the best outcome, it also enabled my ex to evaluate his own life as one of dignity and accomplishment, in spite of mistakes. The telephone discussions provided a lifeline of hope when the weight was almost crushing.White Collar Advice provided a way to do the hard work that no family member could help with.”


Tom spent two and half years fearing the worst possible result. Then, a week after contacting Justin Paperny, Tom arrived at court for his sentencing hearing. “Due entirely to Justin and Brad’s last-minute emergency efforts and skills, the judge sentenced me to home confinement,”Tom recalled. “My best analogy to explain my experience is that it was like being adrift in the open ocean, going down for the last time, and being thrown a life preserver labeled ‘White Collar Advice.’”


The shock of a criminal indictment shocked and paralyzed Tom. After his long life of exceptional service, Tom could hardly believe he faced possible incarceration. Most White Collar Advice clients are not career criminals. They live good honest lives until something goes terribly wrong. Justin works hard to shift his clients’ attitude so they make wise choices prior to sentencing. Clients also take comfort in knowing that that they are not alone.

Most of Justin’s team members have been through the system already. They can communicate with defendants in ways that other people cannot. Tom benefitted from speaking with people who had been in the same position. By telling his story, Tom gave the judge a broader context for his unlawful acts.

“I have no doubt that White Collar Advice turned a losing game into a win,” said Wendy Finley,“They took the ball to the one-yard line and boosted my loved one with the confidence to carry it across the goal line in his oral statement to the Judge. I am so glad for the fortuitous set of events that caused them to be on our team. I am eternally grateful to Brad and Justin. I only wish we had not acted so late.”